Since 1928, the Junior League of Edmonton has had a tradition of bettering their community. This commitment could not be complete without financial support through various fundraising activities. We invite the community and our membership to support the mission of the Junior League of Edmonton.

The Junior League of Edmonton (JLE) partners with community agencies that reflect our mission, vision and values. Focused on improving girls’ mental health and empowerment, the Junior League of Edmonton provides much-needed volunteer resources and funding, and serves as a catalyst for positive change through our partnerships.

Current Projects

We are funding the Girls Growing Strong program at Uncles and Aunts at Large in its entirety instead of giving out a few CAF grants this year. We will be directly involved with the girls on 4 occasions where we will be able to use our expertise and share with them about various topics to help build their self-esteem and expose them to new empowering experiences.

International Day of the Girl Child

Since the United Nations General Assembly declared October 11th International Day of the Girl Child, people across the world have joined together to recognize girls’ rights and the unique adversities girls face around the world.

The Junior League of Edmonton has refocused its impact area to girls’ self-esteem and mental health. Investing in girls’ empowerment is an investment in their futures, the future of their communities, and the world. The United Nations reported in 2015 that girls in their first ten years are more likely to “enrol in primary school and less likely to suffer from health and nutrition problems.” However, after their first decade, girls face massive barriers to information about puberty, reproductive health, gender-based violence, mental health and self esteem.

The Junior League of Edmonton is committed to alleviating the impact these issues have on girls through funding, voluntarism and supporting initiatives dedicated to girls’ empowerment.

Girls in the Know

Girls in the Know was developed in 2016 as part of the Junior League of Edmonton’s (JLE) new impact area of girls’ self-esteem and mental health. It is a community event, hosted for the members of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ GoGirls! series, where approximately 80-100 girls join the members of JLE for an evening of activities that aid them in building both mental and physical confidence.

Girls in the Know is an important event for the Junior League of Edmonton as it helps to fill a recognized gap in programming for girls in the Edmonton area. It also strengthens our relationships with community organizations and provides experiences for girls that help reinforce our mission of girls’ self-esteem and mental health, while providing leadership opportunities for JLE members.

Community Assistance Fund

The Community Assistance Fund (CAF) was established by the Junior League of Edmonton to help meet critical, unmet, emergency areas of need in our community. The maximum amount granted to one organization will be $5,000 and applicants may request funding for a period of one to two consecutive years.

How to qualify for a CAF grant

Organizations requesting funds must:

Requests will not be considered for operating or administrative expenses, salaries, funding drives, political campaigns or individuals. Applicants must not have received a grant from the Community Assistance Fund for a three-year period prior to the current application.

Grant applications must be received by grant deadline. Applications are then reviewed and all applicants will be notified to advise the status of your request. Funding will be distributed in September of each calendar year.

How to apply

Please send your application, or any questions about the application, to:

Community Assistance Fund
Junior League of Edmonton
10447 86 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB, T6E 2M4