Recapping iMedia 2018

By Samantha Parker

Recently Jeng and I had the opportunity to go to iMEDIA Social Media Conference on behalf of the League. It was really amazing! So much information and not enough time to head it all. I was able to attend info sessions on Instagram, SEO, and organizing your social media. Here are my key take aways from each session:

Instagram Stories

Presented by Linda Hoang & Suzy Kenny

  1. Your story can make you relatable. Tell a story, maybe behind the scenes look at activities and events and use story highlights to summarize your trip
  2. Engage people, ask their opinion or fill in the blank
  3. Stories should more content than your posted instagram photos. Have more content in the story and a nice visual clean look on your grid
  4. Be sure to keep your brand in mind and be consistent
  5. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make sure to switch it up! Have variety: selfie camera, then front video next, gifs, selfie video with text, and emojis!

Content for people by the people: UGC and micro influence in 2018

Presented by Brittany Dakins & Chris Mulkin

When you have an influencer sharing your post you have to disclose that they are sponsored posts or ads with #sponsored or #ads especially if they are being paid!

SEO 101 Part 2 Introduction To Technical SEO Factors

Presented by Bryan Smith

BIG QUESTION: Is your website crawlable?

Google your website an see what google knows. Is it mobile friendly?

There is a free search to test it. Google “mobile friendly test” and “google mobile website speed test.” to see how fast your website and whether it’s mobile friendly.

Social media organization

Presented by Liz Pittman

  1. Send a good morning message everyday to followers
  2. Use Buffer: Social Media Management Platform for scheduling posts.
  3. Content calendars are great to plan out your posts. Make sure nothing is too closely related when posting on multiple streams
  4. Prep 2 weeks in advance

Final Instagram tips

Presented by Kaddy Hobbins

  1. Find a better version of you and engage with their audience
  2. Follow back people you know
  3. VSCO app on phones is great to edit pictures
  4. Are you using a business account if you’re not an individual?

Whew, that’s the most of my journey and I was only there 1 of the 2-day event. It is a awesome event that you can learn so much from. I definitely recommend it to anyone curious on to up their social media game and I’m looking forward to bringing these to my future placements.

Have a great day! Stay frosty!