Destressing Tips & Tricks: Notes from Galentine’s Day

By Alysia Tassone

A few weeks ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to welcome Meg, owner of Navina Yoga to our February JLE Training Session. This training was centered on personal well-being and overall stress management. Meg has been a Yoga Instructor for 14 years. She recounted the way her travels around the world impacted her:

“As I integrated myself back into the North American ways I quickly realized how much we are suffering on this side of the planet, but in a completely different way. Through this constant drive to propel ourselves through our daily routines we have lost ourselves in all the busy actions we create. We are so fast paced and I quickly realized how much stress we create and it leads to sickness. Whether it manifest in a physical ailment or a mental one, we are driving ourselves crazy and have lost touch with the importance of self-care. My mission became so clear, creating a space that is so much more than touching your toes.”

Meg also takes part in what she calls ‘Karma Classes’ throughout the community. Some of the non-profit organizations she’s provided yoga classes for include, Sorrentino’s Compassion House and CASA which focuses on mental health for children. During our training, Meg led Junior League of Edmonton Members through a practice that combined both light yoga and meditation. Here were a few of her tips & tricks to de-stress in your everyday life:


During meditation, the body decreases its production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, while increasing neurotransmitters associated with calm and well-being. Regular meditators experience more happiness, less anxiety, and greater feelings of connection and purpose.

Try this: Meg says the ideal meditation practice is 20 to 30 minutes. However, meditating for just 10 minutes daily will make a huge difference in your life and on your stress levels. I find Guided Meditations are the easiest. Headspace and YouTube have plenty to choose from!


Deep, controlled breathing allows the body and mind slow down and instantly de-stress. Just 3-5 minutes of focused breathing will greatly reduce any negative feelings.

Try this: Breathe in slowly through your nose. Imagine that you are directing the breath to any areas of stress, or simply feel the sensation of the breath. At the peak of your inhalation, pause for a moment; then slowly exhale. Keep breathing until you feel centered and calm.

Take time for yourself

Meg suggests taking time for yourself everyday will help mitigate feelings of stress and angst. In the midst of work, family, and friends, we often put ourselves last. Taking care of your own well-being will allow you to take better care of others.

Try this: Whether you have very little time or the whole day, here are some ways we show ourselves self love: Take a bath, meditate, read your favorite book or magazine, and exercise to reduce stress.

We’d like to thank Meg for helping everyone remember to slow down and take time for ourselves. If you missed the training session or would like to practice with Meg again, check out Navina Yoga at #211, 316 Windermere Road or