How to Incorporate Junior League Experience Into Your Resume

By Phalyn Chenard

Junior League’s mission commits to developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. In Edmonton, we fulfill this promise by providing our members with a layered training approach that encompasses both hands-on and formal learning opportunities. As a result, our members are constantly growing, both professionally and personally, and are well known for being strong civic leaders.

Our reputation for developing professional volunteers aside, I had recently been thinking about ways that experience gained from the Junior League could help equip our members for professional endeavours outside of our organization. I reached out to the Junior League network for ideas on how this could be achieved and one of the many responses I received was to show members how to incorporate League experience into their resumes.

In this same exchange, I was connected with Camille Franks, from the Junior League of Boise. Camille operates a consulting business which aids in revising and developing resumes and cover letters. In true Junior League spirit, she was happy to share a few tips on how to include Junior League experience on a professional resume:

The first way to incorporate this experience is to have a section near the end of your resume, following your Education and Professional Development section, titled Community Involvement. In the Community Involvement section, you can name the positions you’ve held within the League, and even provide a brief description of the work involved. Here’s an example from her resume, where she includes a special task that she completed while in a Director position.

Prior Director and Strategic Planning Subcommittee Member

Junior League of Boise, 2011 – 2013

  • Co-developed interim strategic plan and revised a 3-year strategic plan for JLB, a registered non-profit organization.

As Camille states, this provides a very high-level but specific window into a more unique accomplishment from that position.

The second way she suggests for incorporating League experience into your resume is to include the positions held in the same section as your regular professional roles. Camille says this is a particularly useful method if these volunteer positions were held during a period of being a full-time stay at home parent and/or not working in a paid position. Using her experience as an example, that could be presented in this way to give the reader a clear idea of the duties you carried out and a sense of that impact:

Committee Chair

Junior League of Boise, yyyyyyyy

Chaired an 11-member Committee that planned and carried out one project per month, which benefited Boise-based organizations, including the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA), Learning Lab, Ronald McDonald House, and the foster-support arm of the Department of Health and Welfare.

Thank you, Camille, for these extremely helpful tips! If you have questions or are looking for a resume consultant, Camille’s email address is

Ready to dust off your old CV and make some adjustments? Leave a comment and let me know: what’s one task you’ve completed, or one position you’ve held, within the Junior League, that would make an excellent addition to your resume?