3 Things You Should Know About Junior League Edmonton

By Phalyn Chenard, Membership Director

Serving as a Junior League of Edmonton (JLE) member is one of the most fulfilling volunteer assignments available to women in Edmonton. With our New Membership Committee ramping up for our Fall recruitment season and new member intake, we thought it might be beneficial to share three things prospective members should know about joining JLE.

We’re fairly confident you’ll find us awesome (#newfam), but we believe it’s truly important that each prospective member has the chance to research and decide whether or not our membership model is a match for the type of community involvement you are seeking. This brings us to key point number one:

  1. We are a women’s leadership development organization –  Our members are assigned to a yearlong placement which allows them to match personal goals with community services.  Whether you want to learn new skills or build on existing ones, there is something for you in the JLE. Each member has a place within our organizational chart and contributes to the League’s operations. While we are a volunteer organization and work with local charities, we do not offer drop-in volunteer programs.
  1. You get out what you put in –  We seek members who are motivated to develop their own potential. You have the awesome opportunity to harness your talents and discover your potential within the league. Our members benefit from extensive hands-on training in leadership and organizational development, strategic planning, advocacy, fundraising and more. Each year, we also select a few members to represent our League at official Junior League conferences, where they will partake in formal training and networking opportunities. These conferences are usually held in the United States.
  1. Membership = network – Locally, membership gives you the opportunity to know and work with like-minded women. Our blog What Drives People to the Junior League, shows that many of our members chose to join the League to make new connections, and ended up forming life long friendships. Our network has a local presence, but we also have a global reach. As part of the Junior League, you are one of more than 150,000 women in 291 communities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Ready to meet your new family? Join us at our upcoming New Member Information Session – this Wednesday at Central Social Hall.

Finding this blog a little late? Don’t worry! Formally, we only accept new members twice per year to form a Fall new member class and a Spring new member class. If you’re somewhere in between, let us know. You’re welcome to shadow a General Meeting or community project, and meet some members.