Junior League of Edmonton Builds for Habitat for Humanity

It was a Women Build Day at Habitat for Humanity on August 15 in Edmonton, and members of the Junior League of Edmonton—accompanied by friends & family—learned a few skilled trades such as framing, insulation and cabinet building.

Habitat for Humanity identifies families that are in need of affordable housing and prepares them to be successful homeowners. They help the families build homes with grants, material donations and volunteer labor. The families themselves invest 500 hours of labor in place of a traditional down payment and their mortgage payments are never more than 25% of their household income.

During our time volunteering at the build site, we met an individual that would be moving into one of the completed homes within the next two weeks. It was quite amazing to hear his story and to see how hard he was working to be able to afford his own home for his family. It was also valuable to see how our hard work that day was going to benefit a family in need. We directly experienced the correlation between volunteering our time (and learning something new) and how the volunteer time was going to benefit other people. It was extremely rewarding to help build something with our own hands for a family in need.

Women Build Day with Habitat for Humanity was one of our “Done In A Day” (DIAD) events this year. The Junior League of Edmonton arranges at least three to five DIADs for community organizations each year.

Fun Fact: Habitat for Humanity does Global Village builds where people from all around the world come to a Global Village site to help build a home for a family. For Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, a Global Village site will be here in Edmonton! Perhaps some of the Junior League ladies will take the time to volunteer in the weeklong build.